Pastor’s Corner, December 02, 2013

Pastor’s Corner

02 December, 2012


 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” – James 5:16



My dearly beloved “FAMILY”


Well, well here we are in the final minutes, hours, days and weeks of the year 2012.  We thank God for the multitude of His loving kindness and tender mercy to be sparred to this present moment.


This past months have been most eventful in more ways than one.  We have witnessed achievements as well as turmoil in the international homeland, and with in our city and state, coupled with this turmoil in the economic downturn which has affected our own Church and Churches around our Nation.  Also, over the past 3 years, we have suffered the loss of several members who were staunch supporters of our dear Church.  This situation is most notable in attendance and giving.  Yet I  firmly believe that God will see us through.  He did not bring us this far to leave us.  Hopefully and prayerfully as we look to the year 2013, that the people of the “SHEEPFOLD” will be inspired, yes led to renew your commitment to Christ, renew your commitment to our Church and with God’s power, His help, His strength the coming year will lead us to higher heights in His name. Yes, Yes, we can do all things through Christ.


In the scripture cited above, James lets us know that prayer is powerful.  We are taught to have faith.  As for me I’m thankful that in my own prayer times, that the harder I pray that oftentimes God does not answer with a Yes, many times it’s a No.  Even when He says No, He gives to me a double dose of GRACE.  I’m thankful that no matter what the answer might be, He is still good, and all the time, God is good.


In these closing days of 2012 I appeal to every loyal member to make an end of the year Sacrificial gift, in support of our downfall in projected giving for the current year.  I am asking for our leadership to lead the way in the special request, for end of the year-giving.  First, pray about it, and be led by the Lord.  I believe that He is in the blessing business right now, here in the Tabernacle, if we but follow His leadership.


Let us be much in prayer one for another; for our many, many sick and shut-in, infirmed, those in convalescent homes, the bereaved, and the suffering humanity everywhere.


Finally, we are approaching the upcoming “Christmas Season”, Mrs. Leffall joins in with me, along with our Associate Ministers to wish for both you and yours, best wishes for a “Spirit Filled Christmas” and for a Prosperous New Year!



Be Blessed,


R.M. Leffall, III
Senior Pastor


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Pastor’s Corner 04 November, 2012

“Thus Solomon finished the house of the Lord, and the king’s house: and all that came into Solomon’s heart to make in the house of the Lord, and in his own house, he prosperously effected. And the Lord appeared to
Solomon by night, and said unto him, I have heard thy prayer, and have chosen this place to myself for an house of sacrifice.  If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land..” – 2 Chronicles 7: 11-14


My dearly beloved “FAMILY”


Our loving God in his tender mercy has spared you and I to cross over to this the 11th month of the year 2012.  We thank Him, We Praise Him, for He is worthy to be praised.


The past month was rich and rewarding in every way.  We were in the spirit of celebration of our 68th year of Ongoing Ministry.  Yes, 68 years of His divine favor to this household of FAITH.  We salute our Co-Chairpersons for the 68th Church Anniversary, our dear members Bro. Nathan and Sis. Daphne Christopher for a job well done.  We thank each participant in the Services, and of course our loyal and faithful members for your prayers and support during the entire month.  Two most special highlights were the Church Anniversary Musical Service and the 4th Sunday Culminating Services.  We are still feasting on the powerful sermon by Dr. J.W. Brown on the “Power of A Praying Church”, Oh my Lord, what a WORD!


In the verse cited above, the Lord appears to the wise man Solomon, because the temple, the Church building we finished, yet something was missing, the people inside had no SPIRITUAL POWER”, and the Lord declared a divine remedy, to cure the dismal situation;  it requires humility and prayer to gain God’s Favor.  So I submit to each of us within the Tabernacle from the PULPIT to the PEW, that which is most needed within the Church during these trying times, is to make PRAYER a Chief and major CORNERSTONE in our Ministry.  Amidst all of the internal, external and every day jitters daily prayer is a sacrament, not a craft.  Beloved, God’s work will go forward with or without us.  If we heed not “true dedication, commitment, fervent prayer, fired up on the spirit of Evangelism.  IF we avoid these, it is not God’s loss, His fault, It’s Ours.  He that hath an ear, hear the WORD OF THE LORD.


The month of November is now before us, and we do solicit your prayers and support for our regular and special services, and activities during this month..


Let me share with you a most personal matter; It is that I am prayerfully considering stepping down, retiring in 2013.  It is from the “Pastoral Ministry” but not from Ministry because I intend to preach until I die.  In this regard I hope to make a recommendation, ultimately the congregation will make the final decision. I hope to preside over an orderly transition unlike the uproar, discord and tensions faced when I joined you as Interim Pastor in 1997.  Be much in PRAYER that God will lead you in the selection of this choice to lead the Tabernacle to higher heights and do a greater work. Until then, Let JESUS LEAD YOU ALL THE WAY.


Finally let us continue to be much in prayer for each other, the sick, infirmed, bereaved and suffering humanity everywhere.  Our prayer and concerns go out in a most special way to the families affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast which suffered vast and widespread destruction, and too many lives were lost.



Be Blessed,


R.M. Leffall, III Senior Pastor



Pastor’s Corner: October 02, 2012


“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” – Habakkuk 2:3


My dearly beloved “FAMILY”


The Lord has permitted  both you and I to be crossed over to the month of September. O How we thank Him, we praise Him for  the loving, kindness, Grace and Tender Mercy — YES, one more day, one more Chance to be about His WORK in Word, in Action, in Deed, and above all, in COMMITMENT!


The past month was rich and rewarding in everyway.  We closed the month on a High Spiritual note with our “Annual Mission Day Service”.  Our hearts were strangely warmed and lifted by the Ministry of Music, the skit by Women On a Mission, and the powerful message by our own, Bro. George Saunders, Jr., what a great time of Worship and Praise!!


We salute our highly esteemed member Sis. Joyce Copeland, who received the highly coveted “Helping Hand Award”.  Our dear member Sis. Natalie Fisher is doing a marvelous job in giving leadership of our General Mission, moving this Ministry to higher heights.


I have been in daily prayer for a SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH in our Church, one that would see us catch the True Spirit of Evangelism.  It involves inward growth, growth that leads each of us to be more neighborly, compassionate.  Without a doubt, once we get each member on the same page, with each other in the spirit of Brotherly Love, it will move us to become effective soul winners, beyond the walls of the Church… A SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH will have a tremendous IMPACT on a CHRIST CENTERED resolve, beginning with our Leadership and for every MINISTRY within the TABERNACLE.  Beloved, this is not a time for “BUSINESS AS USUAL” from the PULPIT or the PEW.  It involves self introspection, and a new determination to Love GOD MORE and TO SERVE HIM BETTER.  Hopefully our individual, unison, and combined response will be O BLESSED SAVIOR — COUNT ON ME!!!


Therefore, I take personal heart in the passage cited above. I take personal encouragement, that this BREAKTHROUGH will take place on God’s timepiece.  His appointed time, all we need to do is tarry, wait and pray, for it will surely come.  We have a very busy month before us.  It will begin on Next Saturday where we partner with Urban Hope Ministries’ “Mission Possible”.  One day Worshop/Conference geared toward our immediate community.  Hopefully it will ignite the Tabernacle to a day-to-day and week to week Ministry to our community, with the bottom line being winning souls to Christ.  We do encourage your support and participation in this undertaking.


On the 4th Sunday, we shall have our “Annual Family/Homecoming Service” followed by the “Fellowship Feast” . We do want to encourage our family members, former members and friends to join us for this Service.


Finally, let us continue to be much in prayer for our students in the public schools, college or university, our sick and shut-in, bereaved, caregivers, and for suffering humanity everywhere.  We remember in a most special way all those affected by Hurrican Isaac on the Gulf Coast and the nations heartland. Also, let us lift up in prayer, President Obama as he gives leadership during these trying and most difficult times.



R.M. Leffall, III Senior Pastor



Pastor’s Corner 01 January, 2012

“It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” – Lamentations 3: 22-23

To our Church Family & Friends

Let me begin by extending “Best Wishes” for a Spirit Filled New Year” to both You and Yours, having been spared to cross over to 2012 – Yes, One More Day, One More Chance, to be about our Lord’s Business; in Word, in Action, in Deed and in Godly Purpose.


In the scripture cited above, we have one of the most poignant expression of the GRACE and MERCY of God found in the Bible.  The wonder of the prophet was not for those who had been slayed or lost, but most importantly, those who have been saved, not consumed were it not for hope and relief through God’s Mercy.  Quite literally, these words represent you and I, that in spite of ourselves, our faults, failure, actions, attitudes conduct; yet God has given to each of us a brand new lease on life.  Thus the question is what we shall do with this unmerited grace?  It is a “call to be duty bound” from the Pulpit to the Pew… He is our help in ages past and our hope for years to come.


As we embark upon the new year, I encourage each of us to move from mere MEMBERSHIP to DISCIPLESHIP, to catch and embrace the SPIRIT OF EVANGELISM.  EACH ONE – WIN ONE to Christ in 2012.


Let us continue to be much in prayer for our many, many, sick and shut-in, infirmed, caregivers, and for suffering humanity both within and beyond the wall of our dear Church.


I would be remiss to not express the sincere gratitude of your “Pastoral Family” for your cards, gifts, and other kind deeds during the Christmas Season,


Faithfully yours,

Pastor R.M. Leffall, III


Pastor’s Corner 04 December, 2011

“The LORD looketh from heaven; he beholdeth all the sons of men. From the place of his habitation he looketh upon all the inhabitants of the earth.” – Psalm 33: 13-14

Dear Members and Friends,


Wow?  Here we are in the final days of 2011, and should we be spared looking forward to 2012.  In retrospect this year has been a most eventful one.  We faced the challenges of the economic downturn which has affected our world, nation, Churches, yes even the Tabernacle and too, we have witnessed turbulence around the world, longtime leaders have been dethroned, the ‘occupy movement’ has camped in city after city, in protest against big banks and Wall Street.


But, nevertheless, in spite of our dismal present the people of faith must hold as never before to “God’s Unchanging Hand.”  The Word of God is right when it asserts that our hope and safety are found in God. Read for yourselves, the scripture cited in the heading of this letter.


The past month was rich and rewarding in every way.  We closed the month on a high note with last Sunday afternoon’s All-Male Musical Service.  It was a great time of Worship, Praise and Celebration.  The esteemed Chairman of the Board of Deacons’ was this years’ honoree. Deacon LeRoy DuBose is one of the Tabernacle’s most loyal, faithful and dedicated members (disciples). He is most worthy of the special recognition.


As we enter this final month of 2011, I am encouraging every loyal member to heed the “Great Commission”; yes reach out to the lost, unsaved and invite them to worship and fellowship with us.  Each One, Reach One – To Christ.  Why not be a soul winner for Christ?  This involves engaging in Discipleship, the move from Church centeredness to Christ-centeredness.


We continue to lift up in prayer our many, many, sick and shut in, infirmed, care-givers, and suffering humanity everywhere.  We also want to pray daily for President Obama, that God will guide his thoughts, ways, actions and leadership during these trying times.


Finally, my dear wife Maye Helen joins me in extending best wishes for a “Blessed Holiday Season.”  Remember, beloved that “CHRIST Is The Reason For The Season.”



Yours in Christ,



Pastor R.M. Leffall, III


Pastor’s Corner 06 November, 2011

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” – Galatians 6:7


My Dearly Beloved “Family” and Friends;

We thank and praise God for having spared us, yes kept us to cross over to the month of November.  Only a few days remain and the year 2011 will be history.  In these remaining days, these difficult and trying days, let us number our day and make every human effort to draw closer to God in Word, Action and Deed and to draw closer to each other.  Yes ask the Savior to help us, and He will our strength renew.

The past month was rich and rewarding in every way as we observed our 67th year of on-going an uninterrupted Ministry, all month long.   To each participant in our Services last month, we simply say “Thank You”.

We are most grateful to our loyal and faithful members, Groups, Auxiliaries and Ministries for their support of our financial appeal related to our 67th Church Anniversary. You came through in a great way in spite of the economic downturn that affects the Tabernacle, Churches in our community, and throughout our Nation.

We continue to encourage every loyal member to be faithful and consistent in the giving of Tithes & Offering.

The month of November is now before us.  During this “Thanksgiving Season” our prayer is that the people in this “household of Faith” will give their unstinted support for all of our regular Services, Special Services and Activities this month.  In addition, let us adhere to the “Great Commission” and reach out as never before to the unsaved in our community, families, by inviting them to worship with us – Our continuing goal remains EACH ONE, WIN ONE TO CHRIST. Why not be a SOUL WINNER.

Finally, let us continue to be much in prayer for our many, many sick and shut in, infirmed, hospitalized victims of violence in our community, and for suffering humanity everywhere.  Yes, yes PRAYER WORKS, for when prayers ascend to God’s throne … Blessings come down.  I don’t know about you, but I’m standing in God’s line for another BLESSING for myself and for both you and yours.

Joyfully yours in Christ,

Pastor R.M. Leffall, III


Pastor’s Corner 02, October 2011

Well, Well, here we are in the 10th Month of the year of our Lord 2011.  This year is of particular importance to our Church for all month-long we shall be celebrating 67 years of uninterrupted Ministry.  We thank and praise God our sustainer in ages past, and our sure hope for years to come.  We never would’ve reached this milestone without HIM.

The past month was rich, refreshing and spiritually rewarding in everyway.  We closed the month on a high note with our Annual Family/Homecoming Service.  The family with the largest number of immediate members present with 18, was the McMullen’s;  led by it’s matriarch, our devoted and highly esteemed member, Sis. Odell McMullen.  We thank Sister Arlene Breckenridge for her leadership of this Annual Service, each Service participant, and of course Sis. Birdia Mims who coordinated the “Fellowship Feast”.  We had great Music from the Choir and Pastor Kevin Palmer brought us a heartwarming and powerful sermon.  His message reminded me so much of what the Apostle Paul said in Romans, that “we are all debtors; and thus we owe so much, to so many who have stood and stuck with us, showed genuine love and nurturing, throughout life’s journey.  We should be THANKFUL, and GRATEFUL.

As I stated earlier we are celebrating our 67th Church Anniversary all month-long.  Like Churches across the nation, We too are experiencing the pains associated with the economic downturn in our Nation.  Thus, as Pastor we encourage your continued and consistent support of our Church through TITHINGS and OFFERINGS.  Related to our 67th Church Anniversary, we are requesting that every loyal member contribute $67 or $1 for each year of the existence of the TABERNACLE.  Above all, be prayerful and remember that God loves the ‘cheerful giver’!


Individual Church Anniversary gifts will be received on the 4th Sunday,
October 23rd, during our Morning Service.  Group, Auxiliary and Ministry
reports will be received at the 3:30 P.M. Service.

Beloved, let us PRAY UP and TALK UP our 67th Anniversary Celebration by inviting our family members and friends to attend any or all of our Services this month.  Let this be a month of “Evangelistic Outreach” winning souls to Christ.  Our continuing goal is, “EACH ONE WIN ONE TO CHRIST”.  The bottom line is that all that we do is about “HIM”, for ONLY WHAT YOU DO FOR CHRIST WILL LAST – ONLY WHAT WE DO FOR HIM WILL BE COUNTED IN THE END.


Finally, let us continue to be in prayer for our sick and shut-in, bereaved, hospitalized, those in convalescent homes,  caregivers, victims of violence, and for suffering humanity everywhere.


Yours in Christ,

R.M. Leffall, Senior Pastor



Pastor’s Corner , 04 September, 2011

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” – Proverbs 3: 5-6

My dearly beloved “Family”

It is because of the tender, loving and caring grace of God that you and I have been spared to cross over into a “brand new month”. Another coveted golden opportunity to be found as a faithful “steward” both within and beyond the walls of this “HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH”. We thank, and we praise God for one more Day, one more “CHANCE”.

The past month was rich and rewarding in everyway. The bottom line, the most important fact is that souls were added to our Church as Candidates for Baptism, Christian Experience and Re-Dedication. Our continuing goal is that each member, each disciple will become a soul winner. We closed the month on a high note with the “Daughters of Ruth Mentoring Ministry” on last Saturday. We salute Women on A Mission for giving birth to this Ministry geared toward mentoring the young women of faith in our Church. On last Sunday, we observed our “Annual Mission Service”. It was a great time of worship and praise, and a most powerful message from our General Mission President, Sister Natalie Fisher.

In taking a look at our Sunday Bible School lesson for this quarter, there is a powerful word about “FAITH in 3D”. Jesus’ followers are invited to pursue a wise course of faith in three aspects, DISCOVER – DEVOTE – DISCIPLE. DISCOVER – Look up to Christ and discover how He leads.
DEVOTE – Devote to Him your total praise and a spirit driven purpose.
DISCIPLE – For being a follower of Christ leads to discipleship and not mere membership. It involves Discipline in our daily walk, Discipline in our words, thoughts and utterances. Discipline in meaningful Service that is well pleasing in God’s sight.

The month of September is now before us and we request your faithful & consistent financial support to keep on target with our budget for this year; and for all of our regular Services, special Services and activities during this month.

Finally, let us continue to be much in prayer for our many, many sick and shut in, infirmed and for suffering humanity everywhere. Our prayers and thoughts go out in a special way to victims of crime in our communities, and the thousands affected by the hurricanes that racked the East Coast. The Lord is surely speaking!!!

In Christ,
Pastor R.M. Leffall, III


Pastor’s Corner – August 07, 2011

07 August, 2011


“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” – 1 Corinthians 10: 31


To our Church Family and Friends:


We are now in the 8th month of the year 2011.  The hours, days, weeks and months are moving swiftly and before we know it, 2011 will be history.  We thank and praise God for having spared and crossed us over to a coveted privilege to be about our Lord’s Work in Action, Deed and Godly Purpose.  Remember beloved, always keep in mind that this is the Lord’s Vineyard and we are simply tenants.


The past month was rich and rewarding in everyway.  It was highlighted by our highly successful Vacation Bible School, our “Annual Men’s Day and concluded with our 5th Sunday Mission Emphasis Service.  We were all challenged by Pastor Hall’s sermon.


The month of August is now before us and we do desire your prayers for all of our regular Services, special Services and activities.


During these summer months when most are on vacation, please keep in mind that we need your regular and consistent financial support in order that we can keep on target with our approved no frills budget for this year.


Our prayers and best wishes go out to all of our students, pre-school, elementary, middle school, high school and college bound. Remember to always put GOD FIRST.


Finally, let us be much in prayer for President Barrack Obama, our many, many sick and shut-in, infirmed and suffering humanity everywhere.  When we keep the Faith, we can count on God’s Power …





Faithfully yours,

Pastor R.M. Leffall, III


Pastor’s Corner – July 03, 2011



Pastor’s Corner


“Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”  – Proverbs 27: 1

03 July, 2011

My Dearly Beloved “FAMILY”

We greet you once more in the mighty and powerful name of “THE KING OF KINGS” and the “LORD OF LORD’S”.  For it is by His tender mercy that you and I have been spared and crossed over to the month of July — ONE MORE DAY —- ONE MORE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to be about HIS BUSINESS in WORD, in ACTION and more importantly, in PURPOSE.  I don’t know about YOU — but I THANK GOD FOR ONE MORE DAY.


The past month was most busy for our Church. We were blessed to have rich and rewarding Services all month-long concluding with our “Praise Dancers First Annual Worship Service” this past Sunday.


The month of July is now before us, and it is “pregnant” with golden opportunities from the PULPIT to the PEW.  We do solicit your prayers and support for all the regular Services, special Services and activities this month.  It will be highlighted by:


Vacation Bible School

July 11-15, 2011 – 6:00 P.M. – 8:30 P.M. Each Night,

Followed by our “Annual Church Picnic” on the 16th

@ El Dorado Park, Long Beach – 10:00 A.M.


 “Annual Men’s Day Service”

On the 4th Sunday, July 24th, 2011 @ 11:00 A.M.

Rev. Jerry Gash as Our Guest Minister,
He is a most dynamic and gifted proclaimer of God’s Word.


My beloved, let each of us be the ONE to pour out our lives, our daily walk in search of the promised eternal crown. As we walk with Him, we can do no less than to praise Him in every situation in life that we face, good or bad.  Only what we do for Christ will last.  Personally, I have found out that


I can always count on God, my heavenly Father,
For He changes not: He always is the same.

Yesterdays, today, forever, He is faithful.

And I know He loves me, praise His holy name!

In every change I’ve found out that He faithfully will remain.


Let us continue to be much in prayer for our sick and shut in, infirmed, bereaved and for suffering humanity everywhere.  Our prayers also go out to the thousands of persons across the nation affected by the mighty winds, floods, and other weather related occurrences. THE LORD IS SPEAKING.  May God bestow His rich blessings upon both you and yours.



Faithfully Yours,

Pastor R.M. Leffall, III