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Pastor’s Corner 02 June, 2013

Pastor’s Corner 02 June, 2013





As we cross over to the month of June, we thank and praise God for having spared each of us to cross to another unmerited expression of His loving kindness and tender mercy.  A line in one of the great hymns of the Church comes to mind; it is an awesome prayer for God’s Power to lead and guide us each and every day on this earthly teriforma;

Come, fill our hearts with inward strength,

Make our enlarged souls possess,

And learn the height and breadth and length

Of thine eternal love and grace.

The past month was rich and rewarding in every way.  It included Mother’s Day, our Annual Women’s Day Service, and we closed the month with our 1st Annual Ladies Day Service.  All of these Services were high times of Worship, Praise and Celebrations with respect to our “Annual Women’s Day Service”; Aside from the spiritual aspect, at a time of a dismal financial climate in Churches around the nation, the financial report for the day exceeded last years effort.  We express our gratitude to our Co-Chairs, Sister Leffall and Stanley, the cadre of Captains and Co-Captains and of course our loyal women one and all, that contributed to the spiritual and financial success of Women’s Day 2013.

I once again call to your attention to a prior look at the Life Of Faith, that Christ calls his followers to!  It Is highlighted in John, Chapter 1: 35-51—Three most important dimensions unfold in the text: DISCOVER – DEVOTE – DISCIPLE

Discover (John 1: 35-39a)

Following Christ begins with discovery.

Look UP to…. Discover who Christ is; Discover where Christ is; Discover how Christ leads.

DEVOTE (John 1: 39b-42)

Following Christ grows with devotion

Look IN to… Devote all your presence; Devote all your praise; Devote all your Purpose.

DISCIPLE (John 1: 43-51)

Following Christ spreads with discipleship.

Look OUT to… Disciple through your life; Disciple through your words;  Disciple through your service.



To Discover, Devote, Disciple, will lead each of us from the PULPIT to the PEW to move from mere “CHURCH WORK to GOD’s WORK” — Church work in “NON-SPIRITUAL HANDS” breeds judging others, envy, strife, pettiness, faultfinding and confusion, but on the other hand; God’s Work is highlighted and undergirded by the LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY and the abiding JOY found in our Lord.  In the final analysis, all that we do in Word, Action, Deed, or Purpose; It should all be about Him whom having not yet seen, We LOVE.


I want at this time to express a special word of appreciation and delight for the noteworthy improvement in our Music Ministry, under the most capable and dynamic direction of Rev. Gregory Perkins-Bowen, our Minister of Music, assisted by Brother Nathan Christopher, along with Brother Lawrence Crenshaw. This Ministry adds so much to regular and special Services.  Keep up the good “WORK”, because without a doubt, WE ARE ON OUR WAY once again to have a strong and vibrant Music Ministry.

During this the month of June, we salute all of our graduates k-high school or college.  We commend all of you, and wish for each of you continued success as you move ONWARD and UPWARD.  We’re praying for you every step of the way.

Finally, let us be much in prayer for our students in the public schools, colleges or University. Our sick and shut-in, bereaved, caregivers and for suffering humanity everywhere. Our prayer, and thoughts go out to all of the families affected by the tornadic activity in Moore, Oklahoma, Texas and other areas of the country.

Be Blessed,

R.M. Leffall, III , Senior Pastor