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Pastor’s Corner 06 November, 2011

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” – Galatians 6:7


My Dearly Beloved “Family” and Friends;

We thank and praise God for having spared us, yes kept us to cross over to the month of November.  Only a few days remain and the year 2011 will be history.  In these remaining days, these difficult and trying days, let us number our day and make every human effort to draw closer to God in Word, Action and Deed and to draw closer to each other.  Yes ask the Savior to help us, and He will our strength renew.

The past month was rich and rewarding in every way as we observed our 67th year of on-going an uninterrupted Ministry, all month long.   To each participant in our Services last month, we simply say “Thank You”.

We are most grateful to our loyal and faithful members, Groups, Auxiliaries and Ministries for their support of our financial appeal related to our 67th Church Anniversary. You came through in a great way in spite of the economic downturn that affects the Tabernacle, Churches in our community, and throughout our Nation.

We continue to encourage every loyal member to be faithful and consistent in the giving of Tithes & Offering.

The month of November is now before us.  During this “Thanksgiving Season” our prayer is that the people in this “household of Faith” will give their unstinted support for all of our regular Services, Special Services and Activities this month.  In addition, let us adhere to the “Great Commission” and reach out as never before to the unsaved in our community, families, by inviting them to worship with us – Our continuing goal remains EACH ONE, WIN ONE TO CHRIST. Why not be a SOUL WINNER.

Finally, let us continue to be much in prayer for our many, many sick and shut in, infirmed, hospitalized victims of violence in our community, and for suffering humanity everywhere.  Yes, yes PRAYER WORKS, for when prayers ascend to God’s throne … Blessings come down.  I don’t know about you, but I’m standing in God’s line for another BLESSING for myself and for both you and yours.

Joyfully yours in Christ,

Pastor R.M. Leffall, III