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Pastor’s Corner 02, October 2011

Well, Well, here we are in the 10th Month of the year of our Lord 2011.  This year is of particular importance to our Church for all month-long we shall be celebrating 67 years of uninterrupted Ministry.  We thank and praise God our sustainer in ages past, and our sure hope for years to come.  We never would’ve reached this milestone without HIM.

The past month was rich, refreshing and spiritually rewarding in everyway.  We closed the month on a high note with our Annual Family/Homecoming Service.  The family with the largest number of immediate members present with 18, was the McMullen’s;  led by it’s matriarch, our devoted and highly esteemed member, Sis. Odell McMullen.  We thank Sister Arlene Breckenridge for her leadership of this Annual Service, each Service participant, and of course Sis. Birdia Mims who coordinated the “Fellowship Feast”.  We had great Music from the Choir and Pastor Kevin Palmer brought us a heartwarming and powerful sermon.  His message reminded me so much of what the Apostle Paul said in Romans, that “we are all debtors; and thus we owe so much, to so many who have stood and stuck with us, showed genuine love and nurturing, throughout life’s journey.  We should be THANKFUL, and GRATEFUL.

As I stated earlier we are celebrating our 67th Church Anniversary all month-long.  Like Churches across the nation, We too are experiencing the pains associated with the economic downturn in our Nation.  Thus, as Pastor we encourage your continued and consistent support of our Church through TITHINGS and OFFERINGS.  Related to our 67th Church Anniversary, we are requesting that every loyal member contribute $67 or $1 for each year of the existence of the TABERNACLE.  Above all, be prayerful and remember that God loves the ‘cheerful giver’!


Individual Church Anniversary gifts will be received on the 4th Sunday,
October 23rd, during our Morning Service.  Group, Auxiliary and Ministry
reports will be received at the 3:30 P.M. Service.

Beloved, let us PRAY UP and TALK UP our 67th Anniversary Celebration by inviting our family members and friends to attend any or all of our Services this month.  Let this be a month of “Evangelistic Outreach” winning souls to Christ.  Our continuing goal is, “EACH ONE WIN ONE TO CHRIST”.  The bottom line is that all that we do is about “HIM”, for ONLY WHAT YOU DO FOR CHRIST WILL LAST – ONLY WHAT WE DO FOR HIM WILL BE COUNTED IN THE END.


Finally, let us continue to be in prayer for our sick and shut-in, bereaved, hospitalized, those in convalescent homes,  caregivers, victims of violence, and for suffering humanity everywhere.


Yours in Christ,

R.M. Leffall, Senior Pastor