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Pastor’s Corner – March, 2009

Pastor’s Corner

01 March, 2009

My Beloved

Well, well, well, here we are in the month of March, the 3rd month of the year 2009. We thank, and praise God for having spared us to cross over to another opportunity to bear “Fruit” in His vineyard.

The past month was rich and rewarding in everyway, for God added new members both as Candidates for Baptism and by Christian Experience; and we had rich and spirit filled Services throughout the month. We were truly blessed on the 2nd Sunday with the 17th Annual Edna G. White Scholarship Service and Luncheon, this year held in conjunction with our Children/Youth & Young Adult Sunday. On the 3rd Sunday our Senior Choir presented a concert at the Community Baptist Church in Pacoima. The Choir under the direction of Dr. Thomas and Bro. Bruce Turner gave a heartwarming Service with Church Music in its “Highest Form”. Our Praise Dance Ministry also participated in this Service, they were simply “great”.

The Team Jamaica Fundraiser, coordinated by Sis. Birdia Mims was an overwhelming success. We closed the month on a ‘high’ note with our “Annual African/American Cultural Day Service”, followed by the traditional “Fellowship Feast”. Again, Sister Mims and a host of volunteers made the feast to be both delightful and delicious.

The month of March is now before us. My prayer as I indicated so many times is that of enlarging our territory; that each member will consider seriously the mater of moving from mere MEMBERSHIP TO DISCIPLESHIP. We ask that you reach within your immediate family members, neighbors, friends, and persons without a Church home and invite them to Worship with us. As we lift up the Name of Christ, He will draw men, women, boys, and girls out of the darkness into the marvelous LIGHT. He and He alone is the LIGHT, LIFE, WAY, and TRUTH.

Finally, let us continue to be much in prayer for our many, many sick and shut-in, bereaved, and for suffering humanity everywhere. Our prayers go out in a most special way to the victims and families in our community as well as across the nation, who have been affected by violence. For certain, Satan is on the loose but his days are numbered. We also want to be in prayer for “TEAM JAMAICA” as we make our journey in early April to visit our Mission Church in Jamaica, West Indies

We pray for God’s continuing favor and blessings upon both you and yours, and remain

Faithfully yours,
Pastor R.M. Leffall


Pastor’s Corner, February 2009

Pastor’s Corner 01 February, 2009

O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth. – Isaah5 2:1

My dear Co-Laborers In the LORD’S WORK

It is my happy privilege to greet you once more as we have been spared to cross over to the second month of the year of our Lord, 2009. Praise God for one more DAY, one more GOLDEN Privilege to be about our Lord’s Business in WORD, ACTION, DEED, and GODLY PURPOSE.

In retrospect the past month was rich and rewarding in every way. We had spirit-filled Worship Services, and more importantly we received followers of Christ both as Candidates and by Christian Experience. It remains my continuing prayer and hope, that every loyal member will catch the spirit of Evangelism, and become a “Soul Winner” – Each ONE, WIN ONE to CHRIST in 2009.

The month of February is mow before us. It is Negro History Month, a period in which we focus on the CONTRIBUTION and ACHIEVEMENTS of African Americans to American life and history. For certain and without a DOUBT, the past – month marked a significant milestone for “people of Color” when Barack H. Obama was given the oath of office as the 44th President of The United States of America. Let us all pray much for him, For HIS THOUGHTS, FOR HIS LEADERSHIP, and FOR HIS ACTIONS, to bring our country out of the terrible “SHAPE” it is in; as a result of the former Administration’s (Bush) reign for the past eight years.

Let us continue to be much in prayer for our many, many sick and shut in, the hospitalized and for the several bereaved families within our Church Family.

Finally as Pastor, I should like to express my sincere appreciation to all who have given their support and encouragement to our “Jamaica Mission Team” that will make the journey to our Mission Church in Jamaica, West Indies during the month of April.

May God continue to bestow his highest favor upon both you and yours, and I remain

Faithfully yours,

Pastor R.M. Leffall


Pastor’s Corner – January 2009

Pastor’s Corner

January 4, 2009

“It is the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions

fail not. Thy are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness”

Lamentations 2:22-23

My dearly beloved “Family”

It is my happy privilege as “Undershepherd” to greet you as we embark as a “Household of Faith” to a brand “New Year”, 2009. In somber reflection so many who began the journey with us last year have crossed over to that “LAND OF PURE DELIGHT” but yet, God has spared both you and me, we have been given another opportunity to move from mere membership to DISCIPLESHIP. Thank God for one more DAY, and one more chance.

In the scripture cited above, the prophet Jeremiah sums up .for both you and me, that our cross-over to 2009 is not luck, nor our goodness, but it Is of the Lord’s mercies that we were not consumed. HIS GRACE HAS BROUGHT US SAFE THUS FAR, AND HIS GRACE WILL CARRY US ON, WHEN WE ARE FOCUSED ON HIM IN WORD, ACTION, DED AND HOLY POURPOSE. HE DESERVES “FIRST PLACE”, “SECOND” will not do!!! ONLY WHAT YOU DO FOR CHRIST WILL LAST.

The past month at the “TAB” was rich and rewarding in every way, for souls were added to the Church. Our 21st ‘Annual Watts World Revival’s Toy & Food Giveaway was highly successful. It was preceded by the Annual Christmas Play presented by our Youth Church Ministry. The Sanctuary was filled to capacity for this outstanding performance by our Children and Youth. Care packages were given to our sick & shut-in and to various Convalescent Homes under the auspices of the Ruth Circle of our General Mission. We closed the month on a high spiritual note with our 4th Sunday Morning Worship Service, what a great time of WORSHIP, PRAISE AND CELEBRATION IT WAS.

This past year was a rich and rewarding one in the life of the TABERNACLE. I would be remiss if I did not thank the Ministers, Officers, Ministry Leaders … And of course, every loyal member for what each did individually and collectively during the year to advance the Lord’s Work. But yet we cannot be satisfied with “PAST WORK”, for we must do even greater “WORKS”. The bottom line is not our financial balance sheet, it is “SOUL WINNING”. To do this in accordance with the Great Commission, it will require that we “CHANGE SHOES” old ways, old actions, old attitudes, that hinder our upward altitude. The question remains, “What shall we do with this NOW MOMENT?” SHALL WE USE IT, OR LOSE IT? It is all in our reach and or hands, and we can do all things through Christ. It is not about “Us” anyhow, IT IS ABOUT “HIM”. ONLY WHAT WE DO FOR HIM WILL BE COUNTED IN THE END. HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT.

Let us continue to be much in prayer for our many, many sick and shut-in, the bereaved and suffering humanity everywhere. When fervent prayer goes up to God’s throne, BOUNTIFUL BLESSINGS COME DOWN. Let us also remember in prayer, our President-Elect, Barrack Obama, his family and his Cabinet … Change Is Here! To God be the Glory! Yes We Can, Yes We Did!!!

Finally, Mrs. Leffall joins in with me to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your cards, gifts and other expressions given to us. You are indeed a warm, loving and caring Congregation. We extend both to you and yours “BEST WISHES FOR A SPIRIT FILLED AND BLESSED NEW YEAR”

Yours in the “JOY” of Christ,

Pastor R.M. Leffall


Pastor’s Corner Updates


We have neglected to post the Pastor’s Corner for Jan-March – and will do that shortly.