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Pastor’s Corner – February 2008

My dearly beloved “Family”

It is again my happy and coveted privilege to greet you as we embark as the “PEOPLE OF GOD“, on a brand new month.  ONE MORE DAY, ONE MORE CHANCE, ONE MORE UNDESERVED PRIVILEGE to be about our Master’s BUSINESS in WORD, in ACTION, in DEED, and in PURPOSE.  Our continuing goal is that each member move from mere “MEMBERSHIP” to what is more important, “DISCIPLESHIP”.  Consistent with the achievement of this goal is that every MEMBER become a soul winner. EACH ONE, WIN ONE TO CHRIST IN 2008. But  for a moment, let each of us from the “PULPIT” to the “PEW”,  not forget that the beginning of a new year is a good time to take stock of our “Spiritual Balance Sheet”, where we are as a CHURCH? And where we want to be? And how do we get there?  We must look to the only ONE that can help us to be a fruitful “HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH”.  Therefore, we need to expand our vision, our horizons in 2008, and stretch out on the spiritual wings of eagles, SOAR ONWARD, SOAR UPWARD IN THE WORK OF OUR LORD.  He is our Leader, He is our Guide.

 As we embark upon this the month of February which traditionally across the years has been called, ‘NEGRO HISTORY MONTH’, and more recently BLACK HISTORY MONTH, we must need to be reminded of the rich heritage that is ours, and be proud of it.  Our children do not learn it in our public schools of the achievements and contributions of African-Americans to American life and History, and so we must tell them the story about how far we’ve come at all times, at every opportunity.  There is unfolding at the present moment a most significant achievement in the political arena, for a “black man” has emerged to be a serious contender for President of the United States.  Let us pray for him and above all exercise our privilege and hard fought right to vote in the upcoming election within our city and state. Every vote counts, your vote counts.

 In reflection, the past month was both rich and rewarding in every way.  We do encourage your unstinted support for all our Services and special activities during the month of February, and in each month that follows.

 Let us continue to be much in prayer for our many, many sick & shut-in, the hospitalized, bereaved, and suffering humanity everywhere.  BE EVER REMINDED THAT IF WE BUT “KEEP THE FAITH” … For certain and without any doubt, GOD HAS THE POWER, HE CAN DO ANYTHING BUT FAIL.


 Yours in the “JOY” of Christ,

 Pastor R.M. Leffall