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Pastor’s Corner – September 2007

“Where There Is No Vision, The People Perish”

     This is no time for the slothful and unconcerned, IT IS HOWEVER, A TIME FOR THOSE WHO ARE CONCERNED ABOUT ADHERING THE “MAJESTIC MANDATE OF OUR LORD” to go into all the world…to every creature…until He comes. Thus, as a Church, we have no time to waste, we must work His works now, because tomorrow is not promised. We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. We are pressing on the upward way, new heights we are gaining everyday, as we pres toward the high mark of the High calling in Christ Jesus. Everything that we do must be for spiritual growth and edification.

     FOR CERTAIN THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS PUT US TOGETHER AT THIS TIME TO DO A MIGHTY WORK FOR THE LORD. Therefore, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the Ministers, Officers and Members again, for how you have embraced our efforts in the “NAME OF THE LORD” in this fertil “VINEYARD” of the LORD. For certain the “Great Spiritual Breakthrough is coming into fruition. There is no power on Earth that can keep God’s Work down. Let’s keep the fire burning and the wheel of Love in WORD, ACTION and DEED, and above all, the spirit of comassion.

     We are just out of a rich and rewarding month in the life of tabernacle. God gave his approal by adding to the Church and the rekindling of the “SPIRT OF LOVE, COMPASSION, JOY AND PEACE IN OUR CHURCH.” If all of our efforts and energies are Spirit guided, it doth not yet appear, WHAT BLESSINGS GOD HAS IN STORE FOR THIS CHURCH, LET US CONTINUE THE ONWARD AND UPWARD MARCH. FOR CERTAIN WE ARE ON OUR WAY!!!

     The month of September is now before us. It too will be a busy month. We do solicit the support and prayers of every loyal member, for our regular as well as our special Services and activities. We encourage your faithful and consistent support of our Church in everyway. Tithing is our way, one tenth belongs to GOD, one tenth of our time belongs to GOD. Over and beyond the Tithe, let us be consistent with our offerings. The expenses for the Church go on, during our absences for personal reasons, vacations, etc… We do need as well as desire full membership support of the approved budget for this year.

     We extend “BIRTHDAY GREETINGS” to all of our members with birthdays during this month of SEPTEMBER. We pray for God’s choicest blessings upon you and yours, on your special day this month. Above all, give thanks and glory to GOD for His manifold blessing. One More Day . . . One More Chance. . . One More Opportunity . . . TO DO THE LORD’S WORK!!!

     As for me, I am a “SPIRITUAL OPTIMIST“, and I have no time for those who sow seeds of gloom and pessimism, for God’s purpose, His way, will ultimately triumph. Victory is assured to those who trust and obey Him . . . There is no other way!!! TO BE HAPPY IN JESUS…BUT TO TRUST AND OBEY…!!!

    Finally, let us continue to be much in prayer for our many, many sick and shut-in, hospitalized, bereaved and suffering humainty everywhere.

Faithfully yours,

Pastor R. M. Leffall, III